A great need in today's culture is someone who can connect with youth on a personal and spiritual level. Brad Edwards was able to do both by his humor, his stories, and faith that became a powerful reflection of Christ for our youth. We are already considering bringing him back next year.                                                                                                                                                                                            Rev. David Adams (Former Senior Pastor at Bell Buckle United Methodist Church, www.bellbuckleumc.org)

With the ever changing moral climate in America, the Church finds itself postulating over issues which influence everything from human rights to law making.  In this time of seemingly "post-Christian" values the Church finds itself more and more in need of that prophetic voice that can and will interpret God's actions among people within the context of culture.  I believe that Bradley Mark Edwards is one such voice!  He is a leader who is intentional about keeping up with current theological views but at the same time is committed to leading by example as is evident in his own relationship with Jesus Christ.  I have known Brad for several years now and have even had the privilege to work alongside him in ministry in a church setting.                                                                                                                    Rev. Dana Brooks (Pastor at First United Methodist Church, www.manchesterfirst.org)                                                                                                                                                            

Brad loves a great story, tells a great story, and wants to help others live a better story.  Over the years working with him I've grown to appreciate his sly sense of humor, attention to detail, and gift for tying abstract concepts to stories he's lived.  As a speaker and teacher he's one of the most relatable guys you could meet.  I think this is why teens, young adults, their parents, and his peers find him so endearing.  As someone old enough to be his mother - it's why I find him refreshing!  There's no false pretense.  He's humble to a fault.   Karen Davis (Consultant and Author at www.cantsparethechange.com)

Brad connected with the youth on a level I am still in awe of. The youth were engaged in the message, understood the message, and interacted with the message. They were drawn to him and his genuineness-his genuine love for the Lord shines through. The Sunday after...the young folks in church still sorting Brad-isms and talking about things he had said about loving and connecting with God. The impact is amazing.                                                                                                                                                                                              Edwina Pate (Leader at Mission:Possible Camp, Bell Buckle, TN)

Bradley is truly one of the most disarming communicators I have listened to in a while. He has a way of sharing truth through story and that is something people can connect with no matter how far outside an issue they might stand. He has shared thoughts several times at the young adult gathering in my church and I have had great discussions with our congregation regarding Bradley's topics and insights! Gabe Quintana (Pastor at The Vineyard Church Arlington, www.vcarlington.org)                                                                                                                                                      

Brad's strength is he is dynamic and relational. He speaks in a way that is conversational, like having coffee with a friend. He engages people in a relevant way, not disengaged from culture like other speakers I have heard.                                                                                 Derek Trenda (Former Pastor at Canyon View Vineyard Church, www.canyonviewchurch.com)  

Bradley is a remarkable speaker. He speaks to every person on every level, every background, and every experience. You can be in a room with a very diverse group of people and when he is speaking on the Word every person in that room will gain something that will draw them nearer to Christ. His God-given gift in speaking brings out great conversation and draws great questions to ponder on to draw the wanderlust and the firm believer closer to Jesus.                                                                                                                                  Phillip Winfrey (Founder and CEO at Colorado Backcountry Flying, www.coloradobackcountryflying.com)